[TwDrama] Sunny Happiness Softsubs [complete]

Sunny Happiness

Original Title: 幸福最晴天 Xìngfú zuì qíngtiān
English Title: Sunny Happiness
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Episodes: 25 / ??
Broadcast Network: Anhui TV / CTV
Also known as: Happiness is like a Sunny Day / The Sunniest Day of Happiness / Sunshine Day
Broadcast Period: 2011 February 09 to 2011 March 05 (?) / 2011 February 13 to TBA
Air Time: Everyday / Sundays 22:00 – 23:30 (GMT +8)

Synopsis: Xiang Yun Jie is a rich man who was once divorced, and unknowingly had an eight year old son. He is also a young owner of a hotel. Fang Yong Yong is an orphan. She works as a housekeeper in the hotle that Xiang Yun Jie owns. The two of them started their fairytale like love story from a ‘fake marriage’. Xiang Yun Jie’s brother, Xiang Yun Chao, is always hiding in the shadow, he is also the one who completes the love triangle. [DramaWiki]

# Mike He as Xiang Yun Jie
# Janine Chang as Fang Yong Yong
# Li Yi Feng as Xiang Yun Chao
# Zhou Zi Han as Wang Lan
# Li Jin Ming as Kong Xin Jie
# Li Zhi Nan as Huang Si Han

Thank you, ViKi subbers!

Check the FAQ section for the password.

Raw Files:

FileFactory Folder: http://www.filefactory.com/f/b0cbb50d34d2084f/ (currently uploading)

I wasn’t able to find good raw files from direct download sites and from torrent trackers so I had to resort into ripping the episodes from a streaming site. Video quality is good but audio quality is so-so. I’m still in search of better raws but these are serviceable. Anyone knows how to download from qiyi.com?

Box Folder: https://www.box.com/s/3eb0bc7abc6718309d02
Google Drive Folder: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0ByzIw-l0oSt3VHhCeHZrYkkxOVU/edit

Episode 01-02: *v.1* 2011.05.25
Episode 03-04: *v.1* 2011.05.29
Episode 05-10: *v.1* 2011.06.18
Episode 11: *Final Version* 2011.09.16 *Special Thanks to cuddles2011 for the help! She did the whole of E11!*
Episode 12: *Final Version* 2012.04.11 *Special Thanks to cuddles2011 for the help! She did the whole of E12!*
Episode 13: *v.1* 2012.04.11
Episode 14-17: *v.1* 2012.06.04
Episode 15: *v.1* 2012.06.04
Episode 16: *v.1* 2012.06.04
Episode 17: *v.1* 2012.06.04
Episode 18-25: *v.1* 2012.06.06
– END –

Make sure the raws that you have are around 43-45 minutes long or they won’t sync to the subtitles. To be sure, download the raws I post here.

Thank you’s are well-appreciated!

Please don’t reupload the subtitles nor post the individual links anywhere else. If you must share, then just please link back here or put a link to the download folder (plus mentioning the password). As much as possible, I’d like the subs to be contained in one place so if ever there’d be problems, I’d be able to take down the links fast.

Please don’t ask when I’ll post the softsubs. It’ll come when it’ll come.

Please do follow ZenithSubs’ Twitter account @ZenithSubs.

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91 Responses to [TwDrama] Sunny Happiness Softsubs [complete]

  1. SakuraUchiha says:

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Thay says:

    Thank you! But the subtitle and the raw isn’t in synch. Could you please check over…?

  3. Dira says:

    Thank youuuuu! ~~~

  4. Trish says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this.
    I was waiting/hoping some one will pick up this drama, but there no luck, til u came.

  5. wira says:

    anyone kind to reupload raw file to megaupload i cant grab from fileserve, thx u guys and special thanks to zenith for subbing this subs and share it

  6. wira says:

    thank you zenith

  7. rox1982 says:

    I was trying if I could grab the vids from qiyi but my plug in always crashes. 😦

    • Zenith says:

      Qiyi has the best audio quality out of all the streaming sites but when they stream their videos, they split the streaming by parts, like per 30 MB, so you can’t download everything.

  8. rox1982 says:

    Zenith, do you have a Thunder downloader? Have you tried downloading here?


    • Zenith says:

      I don’t. I don’t even want to try as I have downloaded each and every .rmvb files for Sunny Happiness other than this kind of download links.

      As I see it, it won’t work with a Mac… *sighs*

  9. jujo says:

    thank you so much ^^

  10. butchee says:

    Thank you. Cant wait for subs for rest of the episodes.

  11. geawza says:

    Thanks to everyone, i really love this dorama, and the way you work to make possible to watch it!!

  12. al says:

    Zenith thank you so much!
    your the best! @};-

  13. zsami19 says:

    thank u thank(Sunny Happiness Team) u are the best

  14. dreamyz says:

    hello. can i make a request? can you please upload the raw and the softsubs to mediafire files? i can’t download using the MU. can you please make it happen? pleaseeee…..

  15. Lolly says:

    Thanks for sharing this drama 😀

  16. Isyya Rie says:

    waiting next sub…. thanks a lot.. ^______^

  17. tataratatta says:

    thank you very much!!

  18. tataratatta says:

    thank you very much!

  19. sam says:

    can i know how to extract from viki.com

  20. sam says:

    can i know how to extract from viki.com??

  21. Shana says:

    thanks so much for all your hard work

  22. kht2015Linh says:

    Thank you for the subs and raws. I really appreciate your hard work.

  23. umi says:

    i knew a site that have raw files that u r looking

    • Zenith says:

      I know that site already, it doesn’t hold the raw files I want. They uploaded the TW version in Fileserve until E07, then switched to the DVD version (which is from the China broadcast). They shouldn’t have done that since the TW-aired episodes are longer than the China-aired ones.

  24. rosa says:

    many thanks with all my heart …. I am very grateful …. do a work that deserves an Oscar. kisses

  25. jeny says:

    can u tell me what is the password to download the soft sub please???

  26. jeff38 says:

    thank u so much for sharing
    really glad u are subbing and providing the softsubs for those wonderful Taiwanese dramas

  27. yasaman says:

    thank u so much for your great job, please release the rest soft-sub, because i’m really addicted to this drama

  28. kelby says:

    qiyi.com download : http://www.flvcd.com/

  29. gigi says:

    please finish the remaining ep.

    • Zenith says:

      I will be completing it. I said so. All you have to do is wait. If you can’t, then make your own subs, k?

      • Mary Jean Kua says:

        I can wait. Please don’t get mad. PEACE!! I’m really thankful that your making a softsub for this drama, because I really love watching TW drama. Thank you again for hard work I really appreciate it.

  30. can u tell me what is the password to download the soft sub , thank you

    • ShineBright says:

      The password is in the FAQ as mentioned in the main post. There are 2 passwords and I think this one is the second password

  31. why the subs for this drama up to only ep 11

    • ShineBright says:

      Please be patient, as you will see in most of the posts on this topic, everyone is patiently waiting for the subs to continue. As with all fansub projects, the subbers are doing this in their spare time and out of the goodness of their hearts. This project seemed to have been paused and then restarted, so it will take a bit of time for them to pick this back up.
      We are all just thankful that they haven’t dropped the project completely.

      • GIM says:

        Thank you ShineBright for answering some of the silly questions that are asked, saving, I hope, Zenith from some of weariness of reanswering questions that are answered on the site.

  32. hapooh says:

    Thanks again for your site – Loving it.

    For this drama, have I missed out on anything cause I thought the subs were in English but after I’ve DL them, there were in Chinese. Anything I’ve done wrong?

  33. Andy says:

    Wow….amazing. Thank you very much for this.
    If you extract the subs from viki, I wonder if you have subs for the other shows they provide.

    For example I watch this variety strong heart there and I wish that I can always watch them without have to connect to the internet. But then I can’t get the subs.

    So, do you have the subs for this strong heart ?

  34. diane says:

    thank you so much for your great effort !*hugs .Totally in love with Yun Jie-Yong Yong

  35. GIM says:

    Thank you, Zenith, for this work. I am amazed and gratified at the willingness of volunteers to keep at one of the most difficult kinds of translation – contemporary language with all of the local references, new slang, etc. I am fascinated by what the dramas and films show me about societies, which, among other thing, use languages almost totally unfamiliar to me. You and the other subbers open a window for me that would otherwise remain tightly closed.

  36. jeff38 says:

    where can i get the raws plz??

    the mediafire folder is empty!!!

  37. Gégé says:

    2 more épisodes !!!!! Thanksssssss

  38. simplelifeblue says:

    confuse!total episode of the drama is 15 or 25?? @_@

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  40. Dee says:

    ooh new eps softsubs!
    thanks for your efforts

  41. gigikua says:

    so happy to see 5 new episodes. thank you very much for the hard work.

  42. emeldir says:

    thank you very much for your hard work

  43. Pingback: [ADMIN] Progressed! | Zenith Subs

  44. gigikua says:

    job well done. thank you very much..looking forward to your next project.

  45. Dee says:

    ooh what a nice surprise!
    thank you for finishing this project

  46. diane says:

    wow u are my savior ! thank you so much for these !

  47. bamboo says:

    Where can I find the raws? Thanks for your hard work.

  48. dira26 says:

    Where is the raw videos?

  49. Scott says:

    I need the raw files, please anyone have a link? the rmvb ones don’t sync with the subtitles. 😦

  50. Luna says:

    People from the episode 11 any of the passwords work. What is happening? Thank you for the work

  51. Jules says:

    Thank you for the subs and for then providing the raws; those I have seem to vary quite drastically as far as episode length goes (47 minutes one episode, 30 minutes the next) so nothing matches.

    Thanks again – your hard work is very much appreciated. 🙂

  52. Tiffany says:

    the subs doesnt go with the words 😦 can u please fix this?

  53. cloud says:

    Hi, huge thank you for raws and subs! I’ve slowly been going insane with all the incompatible raws out there. I signed up for premium filefactory so that i could download them, only to find that the download speed is … less than good. Have you considered rapidshare? Just a suggestion! Looking forward to more episodes 🙂

  54. shiningKat says:

    Hi! Thank you for this! Can I just ask if the raw files in here: http://www.filecrop.com/sunny-happiness.html sync with the soft subs? 🙂

    • shiningKat says:

      I’ve seen that the first episode doesn’t have the bed scene and the intro. 😦 Still downloading the other files to make sure! 🙂 thank you!

  55. hey there! first of all, thanks for this! Good job!

    I just have one question, I’ve been trying (for a few days now) to download Ep 12 raw. I just skipped it and downloaded the next tracks (which were fine) For some reason i can’t download it 😦 (it says cannot be fetched at this time or something)

    I anyone else having this problem?

  56. neneng says:

    Please reupload sunny happiness episode 12.

    filefactory message
    Sorry, due to an unexpected error the file you are requesting is no longer available. If you are the owner of the file then please upload it again. We apologise for any inconvenience.

    thank you

  57. neneng says:

    Please reupload sunny happiness episode 12.
    [video src="http://www.filefactory.com/file/2wg0u60ucyn1/n/Sunny.Happiness.E12.Zenith.mp4" /]

    thank you

  58. cloey says:

    thank you … will try to download the raws ^^

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