[TwDrama] Material Queen Softsubs

Original Title: 拜金女王 Bàijīn nǚwáng
English Title: Material Queen
Genre: Romance
Broadcast Network: CTS
Broadcast Period: 2011 June 17 to TBA
Air Time: Fridays 22:00 (GMT +8)

Synopsis: Lin Chu Man is a fashion model who does not prejudice against a man for being short, fat, ugly and old, as long as he is rich. So when she discovers that her pefect man is only a hired body double for the real billionaire “Mr. Norman,” and his true identity is a penniless music student in Paris named Cai Jia Hao, she immediately dumps him. As karma would have it, she loses her job to a younger model, her rich lover kicks her to the curb and she finds out Cai Jia Hao will be her new roommate. Lin and Cai’s unexpected living arrangement forces them to reconcile and to really get to know each other. As Lin becomes closer to Cai, despite her aversion to penniless man, her goal of nabbing Yan Kai Ming, a real estate tycoon, become less of a priority. And, she starts to question whether being happy equates to being rich. [DramaWiki]

# Lynn Xiong as Li Chu Man
# Van Ness Wu as Cai Jia Hao
# Daniel Chan as Yan Kai Ming
# Jessie Chiang as Lu Yi Xian

Thank you, ViKi subbers! Don’t forget to say thank you to them, okay! Persuade them to release softsubs officially.

Check the FAQ section for the password.


Megaupload Folder: http://www.megaupload.com/?f=ATKOS6ZF

Episode 01: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L5K5LDJU *v.1* 2011.07.14

Thank you’s are well-appreciated!

Please don’t reupload the subtitles nor post the individual links anywhere else. If you must share, then just please link back here or put a link to the download folder (plus mentioning the password). As much as possible, I’d like the subs to be contained in one place so if ever there’d be problems, I’d be able to take down the links fast.

Please don’t ask when I’ll post the softsubs. Also, please don’t ask where to find subtitles for Episode XX because what you see is what you get.

Please do follow ZenithSubs’ Twitter account @ZenithSubs.

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11 Responses to [TwDrama] Material Queen Softsubs

  1. unnichan says:

    Thank you so much. I had no hopes that you’d sub this drama but it’s great to see you have! I’m going to check out this ep and see if it’s my taste.

  2. Thx for the softsubs but isn’t it better to focus to your 2 projects that do not have any other groups attached to them (sunny happiness & drunken to love you). This one is subbed also by Sublimes and they are quite fast with their releases. It is just a suggestion no offense meant, ultimately the decision what to do is always up to you.

    • Zenith says:

      Uh, if you’ve been reading my tweets (Twitter), you’d know I’m considering putting MQ on hold. But thanks for your input. And if you might have noticed, I’m not doing softsubs just because I want things “subbed”. I’m doing it because I highly prefer softsubs over hardsubs.

      DTLY and SH (though SH is on hold until I catch up on the current dramas (minus MQ and HTCB) are still my priority…

      • Since I am probably one of the few people that do not have twitter 😀 I did not know about it but thx anyway for your quick reply. 😀
        Keep up the good work 😀

        • Zenith says:

          Oops, I shouldn’t have assumed you have Twitter… but my account there isn’t locked so maybe you can check once in a while for updates. Thanks!

  3. Luna says:

    Please, up again the legends. Please.

  4. Mitch says:

    Hi do you still have a copy of your softsubs for this drama? My friend just shared this drama to me but she doesn’t have english subtitles and megaupload no longer exists… please help! 😦

  5. Zee says:

    Thank you so much for subbing it but the upload host you uploaded was dead. If you still keep it and don’t mind, could you share it to me via email. Thank you so much :). My e-mail is thugianghn1@gmail.com

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