I probably don’t give a damn now, and I was just so emotional (and sick) last time. I actually don’t give a damn, on most times, I just want a proper link back (if the uploading sites don’t know this, then they shouldn’t set up blogs, IMHO). I’m keeping my rules even though the raw files sites do not actually give a damn. And BTW, if I were to endorse a download site, it’s AM-Addiction.com. They follow rules.

Sunny Happiness is going on slow… as I told the editor to take her time, and she totally did. šŸ˜€ It’s not on my hands now. A few people emailed me and I will reply to them soon when I’m free, and I will ask them to edit the remaining episodes, if they want to. If I’m successful, expect SH to be finally moving forward!

I decided on putting Hayate and Material Queen on hold for an indefinite period of time. Means I’ll get to them when I have time, and if there are other dramas I am working on, they will be the priority.

Contemplating on not having a ‘requests’ page now, because it’s just becoming a hot-bed of exchange of not-so-nice comments.

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