[ADMIN] Update

I’m very much upset now because of what happened to MU et al… but we need to move on.

Anyway, ITWY is STILL being continued. I just can’t find time to finish the last 4 episodes. SH is finished but I’m waiting for the subs to be edited. I am supposed to do ITWY this weekend, but I got sick so I need to rest first. Then the next week will be work, work, work. I hope you guys understand. I’ve got real life that’s more important than soft subbing.

Until now, I am bewildered that there are some who DON’T read everything I write. I put “Please don’t ask when I’ll post the softsubs. Also, please don’t ask where to find subtitles for Episode XX because what you see is what you get” in every page and yet people still ask when I’ll posting them/if I’m still working on them. Some people.

Then the passwords… I don’t know what some people are doing wrong, but I am saying this for the last time, my passwords WORK. I test them. I tested them even before putting the links. And I keep on testing EACH time somebody asks. I’m tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

My patience is not high. My temper is high. So don’t get me there.

Happy belated Australia Day!

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19 Responses to [ADMIN] Update

  1. Lyna says:

    Me too… I’m upset about what happen to MU … but you should take your time with the subs, there is no rush!!!

    Get well soon!!!

  2. icelmar says:

    my world collapse when i heard the news about MU…some sites closed because of this, im happy ITWY is being continued i’ll be waiting for it..please keep safe..thank you.

  3. Luna says:

    Thanks for you work! I’m a fan!

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  4. Corrine says:


    There will always be those people who will annoy you with their questions about asking when will you update or ask for passwords (don’t worry, your passwords do work)

    Real life is more important that your fandom, your fandom is a hobby that you do when you need to take a break from RL or to idle away time. Don’t let your fandom and softsubbing become a chore to the point where you will start to dread doing it~

    Jia you!!

    [I was in mourning over the death of MU and how many of the other file sharing services have been rendered useless]

  5. Mona says:

    Thank you so much for the subs! I know how time consuming it is to make, so it’s very kind of you to do it ♥
    I hope you’re feeling better ^^

  6. lidge says:

    I’m completely devastated about MU too! Take care of yourself, zenith 🙂

  7. hello there! awesome awesome work on the subs…I was so pissed right when I heard about the fall of MU… anyway I stumbled upon this site, not sure if it’s the real thing but when it launches, we’ll know for sure…


  8. everuler says:

    Hi! I had edited and copied part 1 of episode 9 from viki. I was wondering if we can speed things up if I were to work on the odd parts for the rest of the episodes? Do drop me an email ❤

    • icelmar says:

      nice to hear this..

    • Zenith says:

      Err, did you copy and time them manually?

      Drop me an email.

      • everuler says:

        The timing is given from viki editor, and so are the subtitles. If the editor is faulty then most likely I’ll be syncing them to ArielTV raws version. Instead of those low quality RMVB raws.

        • sunshine4ever says:

          everuler, there is another version which is the ArielTV raws version? Is it MP4 or avi? if it is, can you share the file?

  9. everuler says:

    I’d done up part 2 as well, waiting for your reply. Thanks ❤

  10. everuler says:

    This is my current status with part 3. Do let me know if I can help to speed this up. Thank you ❤

  11. AsianBoy says:

    Admin, can you please update the episode 2 of ITWY. Thanks >:D<

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