[ADMIN] Progress…

SH and ITWY will be finished in a few weeks, three weeks at most. I PROMISE!

Then… by the way, where do you guys download your raws? The website where I’m getting my raws is closed now so… I do not know where to get TwDramas/CDramas/JDramas. Just do not suggest torrents. I will know where to get them when I *desperately* need them… but it will suck if I realise there are no seeders. So no torrents, please.

I am looking at the requests, okay. There should be something interesting… If there are channels that have episodes not uploaded in parts, request them! I can make them even without raws (like BBJX)…

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7 Responses to [ADMIN] Progress…

  1. I get my raws from the download center at sugioideas. http://sugoikr.com/ I know their current stuff is good but I haven’t checked to see if old, old stuff is good.

  2. Nutella says:

    Hi hi~ Thankies for the subs ^^~ Besides sugioideas mentioned above I got my raws from http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2011/10/download-tdrama-in-time-with-you-episodes.html and torrents ^^~

  3. never2muchcoffee says:

    Saw a link to this site somewhere else: http://www.asiandramadownloads.com/ My copy of ITWY ep 8 was corrupted so I re-downloaded it from this site and it worked fine.

  4. cloey says:

    This site provides also downloads: http://doramax264.org/

  5. you can always download the torrents straight from this releaser http://bt.hliang.com/

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