Hi! I’m Zenith and I post softsubs for everyone.

I’ve finished these dramas:

I’m currently doing softsubs for:

Projects on hold:

Planning to do these dramas in the future in random order (Do you mind if it takes months, years?):

  • The Myth
  • The Fierce Wife
  • P.S. Man – Taken by Kizuna FS (They’ll be releasing softsubs.)
  • Scent of Love
  • Starlit
  • Zhong Wu Yan
  • Love Buffet
  • Queen Not Getting Off Work
  • Roseate Love
  • Sound of Colors
  • Because of You – Taken by Kizuna FS (They’ll be releasing softsubs.)
  • Strands of Love
  • That Love Comes
  • The Clue Collector
  • The Love River
  • Knock Knock Loving You
  • Boy and Girl (Yellow Ribbon)
  • Office Girls – Taken by With S2 (They’ll be releasing softsubs.)
  • Who’s the One
  • Single Princesses and Blind Dates
  • Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower
  • Skip-Beat – Taken by With S2 (They’ll be releasing softsubs.)

These shall be marked as “low priority” because these drama already have “complete” hardsubbed versions.

  • Down With Love
  • Autumn’s Concerto
  • I Do?
  • Endless Love
  • Summer’s Desire

20 Responses to About

  1. Gabby says:

    Thank you so much for your subs! Especially Drunken to Love you!! ^_^

  2. al says:

    I hope it doesn’t take that long. I probably be too old to watch these in 20 years time 😀
    Just joking
    excellent work.
    If only I could share some of the joy your giving me by releasing these soft subs.
    all I can do is to say thank you!
    the problem of us third world countries is that we have absolutely no way to make any donations 😦 sorry 😦

  3. spazzy06 says:

    I’m so happy to see The Fierce Wife on your future soft sub list. 😀

    I was just about to request it actually, but then I saw that you re-directed another poster to your “About” page. I wasn’t aware you had already had an upcoming soft sub list, I’m glad I checked out this page before I made my request.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Love or Bread =)

  5. raphael says:

    woah!!. looking forward for the drama! THE FIERCE WIFE…

  6. Keane says:

    I’m happy to see “Office Girls” on the project list. Woohoo~

    • Lemon says:

      Ditto! Thanks for listing it as a future project, Zenith. I’m watching and very much enjoying it on Viki, but streaming is so unreliable that I always feel a bit panicky about the videos potentially going down. I never finished P.S. Man for that very reason – videos died before I had time to finish watching!

  7. Ian blade says:

    In time with you.. a new drama,, hope you can consider it…
    Right now, the latest episode is 6…

  8. Edward says:

    love buffet please T___T
    i really want to watch it with english sub T___T

  9. godninja says:

    i am a viki subber and i’ve been frequenly asked to share softsubs for a thai drama i headed. the problem here is i don’t have a clue how it’s done. i did some research and they said it can’t be done, but then i see so many channels releasing their softsubs and you have this site to of course. i’m asking that you give me some guidance. please, comment on my about page on my blog or email me at lakorngods@gmail.com. thank you in advance.

  10. cloey says:

    Summer’s Desire is also hardsubbed by SUBlimes. So it could be on the “low priority” list. One less to choose 😉

  11. Michael says:


    My name is Michael, from Viki’s Community Support. It was brought to our attention that your blog is encouraging the sharing of subtitles created on Viki. Viki subtitles, as derivative works, per our terms of service, are Creative Commons protected, and belong to the content owners and can not be downloaded or shared. The subtitles created are also attributed to the Viki community as their work, under Creative Commons, and can not be shared. Any copying and sharing of the subtitles is therefore in violation of our rights. We are requested by our content partners / owners to protect their rights.

    Please take note of the above, and remove any reference or links on your blog about Viki subtitles.

    For questions about Viki’s Terms of Use, visit the URL below:




  12. L says:

    michael smells 😦

  13. koko says:

    we want new drama
    like ” when love walked in ” and ” The Queen of SOP”

  14. now says:

    Please sub SOP Queen aka The Queen of SOP

  15. Bonnie says:

    how do i play these videos after downloading them?

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