What is the password?
zenithsubs / zenithsubs-

What kind of dramas will you provide softsubs for?
I will mainly do TwDramas because the TwDrama world lacks the use of softsubs. For KDramas, CDramas and JDramas, I’ll do them if I watch the drama and/or I have the raws.

What are your current projects?
See here: https://zenithsubs.wordpress.com/about/

Do you take requests?
See here: https://zenithsubs.wordpress.com/request/


60 Responses to FAQ

  1. unnichan says:

    Thank you so much! You are so right! I’ve been dying for these subs. You are amazing!

  2. garcia_marina says:

    thnaks for providing us the softsubs…

  3. Wsnake says:

    Hi! Thanks for the subs. It’s really great! Now,I’ve tried to get the subs for Drunken to love you Ep7,but since I don’t read Chinese,it’s a bit difficult. I’ve downloaded the Mega download manager,but I don’t think I should have to get that one,right? I need help to get the subs.
    Keep up the great work! Very much appreciated!
    Have a good one

    • Zenith says:

      Nope, dear, you don’t need to download the Mega Manager just to download.

      When you click on the MU link, you’ll have to type the password. After that, there’ll be a countdown (40+ seconds) before you can see the download button. After the countdown, then you’re good to go.

  4. An says:

    Hi, can I post your links and credit you in a locked LJ community ?

  5. tim says:

    hey whats the password for megaupload. Thanks a lot!!!

    • Zenith says:

      Yup, you just evoked my theory that there are people who go here and don’t read what I write, thank you very much!

      Oh guys, please. Don’t take this as an example. ;___;

  6. selin says:

    Megaupload is blocked in turkey. Can u give fileserve links for the subs also. Thank you so much in advance.

  7. Alen_ta says:

    Thanx so much for the subs. U just saved my life!

  8. Babykep says:

    Hi! Just found out abt this site and am duly super happy πŸ™‚ Been looking around for TW drama subs and like u says there is lack of subs for TW dramas. So i am very happy to have found u.
    Now i can have the sub for most of the TW drama and would like to thank you for taking the effort and your precious time to get subs for us. Love you all. BIG THANK YOU.

  9. aline1944 says:

    thank you so much for the subs !

  10. sarah_san says:

    thanks for the sub ….

  11. aline1944 says:

    thank you for your subs again ! it helps !

  12. Dee says:

    Hi there. Can I ask how you rip the subs from viki? I’m really curious to know how because I prefer softsubs to streams.

  13. jeja says:

    thanks a lot zenith!!im sooo happy that i found this site!!

  14. joe says:

    why i cannot open megaupload…

  15. Zinsia says:

    I’ll Softsub download but have pasword
    You can tell me Pls.

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  17. Mary Jane says:

    how come on media fire it says that the password you entered is invalid, when i input your password correctly as what you’ve posted above the No. 1 on FAQ? is there any changes of the password? i try to download the srt files of In time with you…pls. help zenith…

    • samiya says:

      Yup same problem here. The above password is not working for megaupload or mediafire for me. Would appreciate some help zenith ^^

      • Zenith says:

        Uhm, maybe you two (samiya and Mary Jane) could try to read the FAQ again. I tried entering the password I assigned and I’m able to download the files. And there have been other people who have downloaded the files already.

  18. Michelle Vergara says:

    wow! thanks! πŸ™‚

  19. Elias Bautista says:

    please send me a password of your subtitles (Drunken to love you), Thanks…

  20. dailene says:

    thank you so much…keep it up…
    i hope you’ll continue this one…
    you’re the only i can rely on….ehheheheheh
    thanks again!

  21. staples says:

    You are amazing! Taiwanese Dramas never have the translator back-up to appease all us fans, so I’m super glad you’re doing this! Here’s another question for you: how do you convert the viikii subs to softsubs?

  22. fanofariel says:

    Thank you

  23. Kay Em (@booleewooly) says:

    Does anyone else have trouble with the password? I copy and paste, and typed it in just as is, but I still can’t get it to DL. Maybe I’m just illiterate. But it seems others are able to dl? 😦

    What’s wrong with my computer!! ahhhhh

  24. nel says:

    hi, i already use your password, but mediafire says it’s incorrect 😦

  25. kria says:

    thanks a lot Zenith for all your efforts

  26. zank says:

    thank you so much for your kindness.at first, i got problem with d/l.but then i passed.

  27. hajidoak says:

    Hi! I also tried several time, using the password and failed. =.= I am also getting incorrect. 😦

  28. melinalarosa says:

    mediafire does not accept any of the two passwords of drunken drama to love you. What do I do? Please make sure the problem is because of many

  29. tota says:

    hi, i already use your password, but mediafire says it’s incorrect please help me

  30. tota says:

    the password is zenithsubs ?

  31. tota says:

    hi, i already use your password, but mediafire says The password you entered was invalid, please try again!

  32. tota says:

    thank you very much the password work now

  33. louise says:

    Pls, Help! I try to use your password, but mediafire says” the password you entered was invalid, please try again!”. What do i do wrong??? Pls Help! Thax.

  34. Tamuklong says:

    Thanks! I hope you continue subbing up to the last episode.

  35. Lupig says:

    I have read all above comments and through the FAQ but still haven’t been able to unlock the file.
    Please help.

  36. Yashirin says:

    thankies for sharing~! xD

  37. amsa says:

    thanks for the subs

    ~really appreciate~

  38. cece says:

    Hey, I have tried
    zenithsubs / zenithsubs-
    for the password but
    “The password you entered was invalid, please try again!” Am I wrong? Thank u …

  39. cece says:

    please delete my last comment’s.
    I have restart my page and tried to type it again and Its worked…
    Btw Thank u For the Sub. It’s realy Helpful… Thank u once more…
    Have a nice weekend and God Bless u… πŸ˜€

  40. Audrey says:

    Thank u so much for all the hard work, know that we really appreciate it, even though we sometimes forget to tell u this, or seem upset cause u haven’t subbed an episode yet. It is so good that u take your time out to do this…thanks again.

  41. Poster says:

    Yay!!! Ep 10 Thank you!

  42. liz says:

    can’t download softsubs 😦 help…..

  43. hi, i’m new to this downloading subs thing.. can you help me? i’ve downloaded the video/torrent from d-addicts and i was trying to sync your subs with it but i can’t make it work. what should i do?

  44. shinhwaneverdies98 says:

    Hi, just want to ask. Do you only accept requests if the videos are on viki? Would you accept a request if I give you the raw video instead? It’s really only one episode of this drama (it only has 2 in total) and I’m really desperate to find someone to sub the second episode T_T

  45. christabel says:

    Hello there,
    i am unable to open the raw links for sunny happiness…. it keeps getting stuck and tell me error 118… please help

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